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The following page provides one source of information in relation to COVID-19 and how the Cork Business League plans to return to football for the 2021/2022 season. The page layout shows the most recent updates first, followed by older details. Therefore, from newest to oldest in descending order.

“A home team’s COVID-19 Compliance Officer must attend every home fixture, check that the FAI Safer Return to Play Protocol is observed and maintain a full record of attendance for contact tracing purposes. The away team’s COVID-19 Compliance Officer is not compelled to attend the fixture but must be provided with a list of the travelling attendees to keep on record for contact tracing purposes.”

Last Updated Tuesday 25th January 2022 @ 14:40

Tuesday 25th January 2022

The following protocol applies to all training sessions and matches from Tuesday 25th January 2022, with the primary aim of supporting the clubs affiliated with the FAI and to protect the health & safety of their players, coaches, all essential personnel, and volunteers in a safer return to training and matches.

  • Formal requirements for physical distancing (2m) removed
  • 8pm closing time for football events removed
  • Capacity restrictions for outdoor football events removed
  • Capacity restrictions for indoor football events removed
  • Seated only spectators at indoor football events removed
  • Use of pods for indoor football activities removed
  • Use of a COVID pass to access indoor events removed

Full details here

Saturday 8th January 2022

The FAI encourages all grassroots clubs to adhere to the Safer Return to Training & Play Protocols ( January 2022) in light of the current COVID-19 situation and the ongoing impact of the Omicron variant on Irish society.

Ahead of the return to action for many Adult Amateur and Underage leagues over the next couple of weeks, the FAI is advising all affiliates that only essential personnel should attend training sessions and match fixtures. As per the FAI Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols, essential personnel include players, coaches, match officials and club officials and volunteers. Parents, guardians and spectators are asked to attend only if essential circumstances exist.

Strictly no gatherings of groups while training is ongoing are permitted. Protocols must be followed throughout the duration of sessions. Spectators are strongly advised to stay away from training sessions and games until further notice.

If the use of dressings rooms are deemed to be absolutely essential, they should be used with strict adherence to 2 metres social distancing, obligatory mask wearing, proper ventilation and the time allowed in the dressing room should be less than 15 minutes. Showers should not be used at this time.

FAI Medical Director Dr Alan Byrne explained: “In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the rapid increase in the number of positive cases due to the Omicron variant, we felt it was necessary to remind all stakeholders of our FAI Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols to keep Irish football safe for those who play our games and also for the sake of the wider community.

“As a result, we are now strongly advising clubs to limit access to training and games only to those who are deemed as absolutely essential to these training sessions and fixtures. We are appealing to parents and guardians to drop their children off to these football events and collect them at their conclusion. We understand how many parents and guardians want to watch their children enjoy their football but we feel this move is an important one for football and for our overall public health environment.”

FAI Grassroots Director Ger McDermott added: “We have spoken with our Grassroots affiliates and with Sport Ireland in reaching these decisions and they are all supportive of this move ahead of the return of Grassroots football this weekend. Football can continue but we must be responsible and realistic in how we deal with the Omicron variant and the rising case numbers across the country.

“We will continue to liaise with Government and its agencies, with Sport Ireland and with our affiliates and we will review these changes to our FAI Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols on an ongoing basis. I want to again acknowledge all our stakeholders for their continuing support for these Protocols and thank them for keeping Irish football safe for all involved with our game.”

The FAI encourage all of our stakeholders to take up the opportunity to receive a vaccine/ booster vaccine to protect one another and our communities. The Association also asks all players, coaches, match officials and volunteers to practice safe personal hygiene to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

Read full statement here

Saturday 6th November 2021

The Football Association of Ireland has today issued updated Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols following the recent changes to the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines around indoor sports.

  1. Under the new FAI Protocols, indoor matches/games can return with no restrictions on numbers and no vaccination requirements for adult and under 18 players.
  2. Indoor training and all other activities / programmes for all ages however can only feature mixed immunity status players in pods of six, excluding adult coaches/instructors. Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures.
  3. For all players under 18 years of age, the current ‘pod of six’ system can be adjusted to allow for indoor games and competition activities according to the laws of the game. The ‘pod of six’ system should be retained for all other settings such as training activities.
  4. The full use of dressing rooms and showers is now permitted where all individuals are fully vaccinated. Where individuals have mixed immunity status, the use of these facilities should be pod based.

The FAI again urges all players, coaches, match officials and volunteers to practise safe personal hygiene to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

To download the updated FAI Safer Return to Grassroots Training & Play Protocols click here.

Wednesday 29th September 2021

The Football Association of Ireland informs all clubs of changes to the Return to Train & Play protocol which are to be introduced with immediate effect.

Following consultation with Government agencies on COVID-19 guidelines, the FAI can confirm that from today, September 29th, the need to train in pods outdoors has been removed with teams now free to train in whatever numbers they require. Pods will remain in place for indoor training until further notice.

Team photos are also now permitted at all levels of the game.

Updated Return to Play Protocol here

Updated Risk Assessment here


Tuesday 21st September 2021

The Football Association of Ireland has notified all stakeholders of a number of changes to COVID-19 protocols that will come into effect from today 21st September to 22nd October under the Government’s latest ‘Reframing the Challenge, Continuing our Recovery and Reconnecting’ programme.

As Ireland continues to emerge from the effects of the current pandemic, the FAI has reminded all players, coaches, officials and volunteers to continue to practice mask wearing indoors, practice good hand sanitation, engage in appropriate cough and sneezing etiquette and respect 2 metre social distancing.

New protocols will also come into effect on indoor training from 21st September, in pods of six players with a maximum of two coaches.

The Association has also informed stakeholders that the new Government plan will feature a significant shift from regulation and guideline to one of personal responsibility and urges abidance with this policy.

All protocol updates are in line with the latest Government guidelines and the FAI again thanks all stakeholders for their ongoing diligence in the fight against COVID-19. The FAI will update these protocols before the transition period expires on October 22.

Key measures to note from 21str September to 22nd October 2021 are as follows:


  • Do not show up to participate, coach, manage, referee, or work at a venue/workplace if you are unwell – check with your GP first and get tested if in any doubt.
  • Only team players, match officials and support staff are allowed in dressing rooms for a maximum period of 15 minutes.
  • Wear face mask in all indoor settings.
  • Sanitize your hands regularly.
  • Observe 2 metre social distancing in dressing rooms and all indoor facilities at all times.
  • Clear signage is to be displayed on capacities and spacing in dressing rooms.
  • Hand sanitization stations to be placed at each dressing room entrance.
  • A clear flow management plan for dressing rooms to be in use.
  • Practice good coughing and sneezing etiquette.
  • Showers are best avoided if possible in the transition period.
  • If shower use is unavoidable, only use every second cubicle/shower head with a maximum of 5 minutes allowed in the shower.
  • A COVID-19 Risk Assessment must be carried out by all clubs in advance of any resumption of training/matches and/or facility reopening.
  • FAI Risk Assessment Template can be found here – FAI Risk Assessment Template
    • The Risk Assessment must be reviewed in advance of training/matches returning, dressing rooms reopening and kept up to date at all times.

Indoor Training

  • Indoor training is permitted in pods of six players and maximum two coaches up to October 22.
  • Indoor training areas for each pod must measure a minimum of 96 square metres.
  • A buffer zone two metres wide must exist between each pod where multiple pods of six players are training.
  • All indoor training areas must be suitably ventilated at all times.
  • Multiple training sessions can take place concurrently once venue is big enough.
  • Players and coaches do not have to be vaccinated to train indoors.
  • Hand sanitizer must be available at all indoor training areas.
  • Spectator numbers are limited to the venue’s social distancing guidelines.
  • All spectators must adhere to 2 metre social distancing.
  • In relation to Gyms and Training Facilities within clubs, these may operate in line with the broader permissions for indoor facilities.
  • Appropriate protective measures and COVID protocols should be in place.

Additional Guidance

  • Since the emergence of COVID 19 football has developed and implemented a wide range of protocols and protective measures to limit the transmission of COVID 19 and ensure the safety of participants, volunteers, staff and spectators.
  • As mandatory restrictions unwind football should continue to manage COVID-19 on the basis that it will likely continue to be constantly present into the foreseeable future.
  • Football should seek to maintain overarching structures and basic protective measures throughout the Winter season.
  • These include the use of COVID 19 Officers, recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities, the ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene along with the wearing a face coverings in relevant settings and considering indoor space densities and duration of indoor activities.

Transport To and From Activities & Events

  • While Public transport is operating at full capacity, Private Coach Tour activity is limited at 75% capacity with protective measures.
  • Football clubs/league organising transport to/from events should implement private Coach Tour capacities (75%).
  • Protective measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing etc. should also be implemented.
  • In line with the return of public and private transport participants may wish to return to the use of carpooling.
  • Private transport carrying those not yet vaccinated or of mixed immunity should be aware of the higher risk. The use of appropriate face coverings is recommended.
  • If carpooling consider use of a pod system in which the same participants pool together for all activities.

Grassroots Return to Train Play Protocol Effective September 21st 2021

The guidelines can be viewed and downloaded below:

Key Changes

Saturday 10th July 2021

The FAI has updated the Grassroots Safer Return to Play & Train Protocol to include guidelines around the increase in the number of spectators allowed to attend outdoor events.

The amended Protocol also features guidelines for Leagues and clubs looking to hold a blitz or tournament over the summer months. The updates are in line with the latest Government guidance which allows for crowds of 200 at venues with a capacity of up to 5,000 while 500 fans can attend games at venues with a capacity of over 5,000.

As per the new Protocol, Leagues and clubs looking to host a blitz or tournament must complete an event plan which is compliant with Public Health Guidelines and the FAI Safer Return to Training & Play Protocol 8th Edition. They must also complete a Risk Assessment, ensure both documents are reviewed and approved by a COVID-19 Compliance Officer from each participating club, and apply formally to their affiliate body for permission to host the blitz/tournament.

The FAI’s Head of Grassroots Ger McDermott said: “Fans can now attend all our outdoor football events from today subject to the Government guidelines, and we remind all our affiliates of our responsibility to ensure our game remains safe during this pandemic and urge those attending games not to congregate. We again ask all involved in our game to keep up to date with the amended Protocol as we continue to enjoy our return to football at all levels of the game.”

Friday 4th June 2021

Today, the FAI has published its updated Return to Play protocols. The main points to consider are as follows:

  • This Protocol applies to all training sessions and matches from Monday 7th June 2021.
  • The primary aim of this Protocol is to support the clubs affiliated with the FAI and to protect the health & safety of their players, coaches, all essential personnel, and volunteers in a safer return to training and matches.
  • No indoor dressing rooms to be used until further notice.
  • No shower facilities can be used until further notice.
  • All clubs must appoint at least one COVID-19 Compliance Officer before any return to training/matches are implemented.
  • A COVID-19 Risk Assessment must be carried out by all clubs in advance of any resumption of training/matches and/or facility reopening.
  • Matches can resume from Monday 7th June 2021.
  • Teams should arrive as close to kick-off as possible.
  • All players and staff should travel to games in line with HSE Guidelines.
  • Guidelines on close and casual contacts can be found here.

Read the full Return to Play Protocol here

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Today, the Cork Business League announced its plans for a Return to Play. Please see details below:

CBL Statement // Return to Play Dates 2021

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Many thanks to those who attended Monday’s FAI COVID-19 Club Webinar. Please find below the presentation delivered on the evening.

Please ensure that all coaches, players, parents, and officials within your club are aware of the protocol before returning to train, and please ensure that you submit your checklist to [email protected] before you return to train.

All queries that are COVID-19 related can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Wednesday 5th May 2021

The Football Association of Ireland can confirm that all players at all levels of football in Ireland can engage in full contact outdoor training in pods of 15 from Monday, May 10, under the new Government guidelines.

  • Adult Amateur and Youth (U19) teams return to training from Monday and the FAI has confirmed with the Government that all teams can engage in contact training.
  • FAI Head of Grassroots Ger McDermott said

“We have informed all our clubs today of this most welcome news from Government. The return to training for our adult amateur and Youth (U19) teams will now coincide with the return to contact training in pods of 15 for all our players. We have updated our Safer Return to Training Protocol to reflect this and have shared this with our clubs.

Football has proven itself to be a safe environment for all our players and volunteers through this pandemic and we again thank all our clubs and stakeholders for their commitment and adherence to the Government guidelines. We are getting closer to a return to play for all our teams and we thank the Government, the Expert Medical Group and Sport Ireland for their help in getting us to this point.”

Please return the COVID-19 Checklist above to [email protected] & [email protected]

  • Confirmation that Return to Training on Monday, May 10th is for contact training in pods of 15 (inclusive of coaches) for all underage, youth, and adult players.
  • Protocols for return to training are currently being updated by the FAI and will be circulated once we have them.

Thursday 29th April 2021

The latest update from the FAI after today’s government announcement can be found below. The CBL will await further instruction from the FAI before making any statement or decision about the 2020/2021 season.

The Football Association of Ireland welcomes the latest announcement by An Taoiseach Micheal Martin around the easing of Level 5 lockdown restrictions from May 10 in relation to training for Adult Amateur and Youths (U19) teams and the lifting of the ban on inter-county travel.

Pending clarification from Government on key elements of the new guidelines, the Association’s COVID-19 Steering Group will meet on Friday, April 30, to confirm the next steps for Youth (U19) and Adult Amateur football ahead of the May 10 return to training.

FAI Head of Grassroots Ger McDermott said: “We welcome this evening’s announcement by An Taoiseach that our Adult Amateur and Youth (U19) teams can return to training in pods of 15 from May 10. The easing of inter-county travel restrictions from May 10 will also be a great benefit to many of our players. We are still awaiting clarification of the full guidelines around that return to training and also on the proposed June 7 date for a return to play for all levels of the game. We will meet on Friday to consider the Government update. I would like to thank the Government and the Department of Sport for their co-operation and consideration to date.”

The FAI will issue the updated Safer Return to Training Protocol, along with any other relevant information, to all affiliates and clubs next week.

Wednesday 31st March 2021

FAI Notes Government Green Light for Underage Training to Return

The Football Association of Ireland notes confirmation from Government that underage football, Grassroots and League of Ireland, can return to non-contact training from April 26th, the first step on a phased return for football at all levels of the game. Reacting to the announcement by Taoiseach Micheal Martin, FAI CEO Jonathan Hill has acknowledged the work of the Government and its agencies to facilitate the return to training on April 26th, in pods of 15 for all underage players.

 The CEO has also assured all amateur adult teams that this return for underage players is the first step towards a return to football for all grassroots players as Ireland eases out of lockdown.

“We obviously see this announcement from Government as a positive for all our underage players who have waited so patiently for the chance to play football again although, of course, we would have loved this to have been from April 5th , we note the realities of the current situation,” said Jonathan Hill

“Non-contact training in pods of 15 represents the start of a return for our game that will see all our players at all ages permitted to train and then to play in what we hope will be the near future. This battle with COVID-19 has been so demanding for Irish society and our footballers have had to endure so much in Level 5 lockdown.

 “We thank them for their perseverance and their patience. The adherence to the Government guidelines of our grassroots clubs, their volunteers, coaches, match officials and players, has been exemplary and to be applauded. Our adult amateur game will unfortunately need to continue to be patient as we await a return to training for them and of course playing matches, but our game has proven itself to be safe in a COVID-19 environment and I urge all clubs to maintain this as we return in the first instance to training for our younger players on April 26th.”

The FAI will now take the following steps in light of the Government update:

  • We will update the FAI’s Safer Return to Training protocols for our underage teams and players.
  • We will host a COVID-19 webinar for all Grassroots Leagues and affiliates on April 12th.
  • We will follow this with regional workshops for Club COVID-19 Compliance Officers during which we will present and discuss our latest protocols in detail.
  • We will review where we stand with all affiliates in relation to all Leagues and Competitions and agree on next steps as soon as is possible.
  • We will consult with the SFAI on the hosting of the Kennedy Cup and the Gaynor Cup tournaments later this year.
  • We will consult with all Men’s and Women’s Underage National League clubs on their return to the training schedule and next steps.

Saturday 30th January 2021

Full details of the extended winter Transfer window can be found here.

Thursday 31st December 2020

In light of the latest Government guidelines and the move to Level 5 lockdown until January 31st at the earliest, we would like to inform you that the FAI has been in discussions with Sport Ireland around the implications for our sport and a timeline for a return to football activity at all levels of our game as soon as it is safe. The FAI are currently finalising a submission to Sport Ireland as they formulate a plan to facilitate a return for all competitive sport as early as possible in the New Year. The FAI is committed to getting all levels of the game back on the pitch as soon as possible. The FAI are also respectful of the need for these new Government guidelines in the wake of the alarming rise in COVID-19 numbers recently.

We again commend all our clubs for their adherence to Government guidelines and FAI protocols to date and we have reconfirmed to Sport Ireland our ongoing commitment to the advice issue by all Government agencies. A webinar will be organised for January to present the findings of the recent FAI survey and discuss more detailed plans for a return to football.

  • All football activity is suspended until January 31st with immediate effect – with the exception of senior SSE Airtricity League and senior Women’s National League teams who are exempt.
  • The new Government Level 5 Guidelines DO NOT ALLOW for any collective team training for any team other than senior SSE Airtricity League or Women’s National League teams.
  • The new Government Level 5 Guidelines DO NOT ALLOW for any adult amateur, Futsal and underage football activity including the underage National Leagues and all schoolboy and schoolgirl football.
  • The new Government Level 5 Guidelines DO NOT ALLOW for any trials or assessments until further notice – with the exception of senior SSE Airtricity League and senior Women’s National League teams who are exempt subject to League guidelines.
  • The new Government Level 5 Guidelines allow for INDIVIDUAL training only.

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Following consultation with Government today, in light of the country’s move to Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions, the Football Association of Ireland can confirm the following:

All adult amateur teams can enjoy a return to training as from today, subject to strict Government guidelines and FAI Safer Return to Training Protocol. For adult amateur and underage teams, outdoor non-contact training is permissible in pods of 15 with a minimum of one coach present. Two coaches must be present for all underage teams. Players and coaches are permitted to travel to train with the club they are registered with.  The FAI is currently awaiting clarification regarding how the restrictions will impact underage Elite National League football and will update affiliates at the earliest opportunity.

Saturday 28th November 2020

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Following clarification from Government, the FAI confirms the following Level 5 guidelines for football ➡️

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Following the Government’s introduction of Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions across the country, the FAI has announced the cessation from midnight tonight (October 6th 2020) of all adult amateur matches. Adult amateur clubs can continue to train under non-contact conditions. Read more here

Thursday 17th September 2020

The Football Association of Ireland has today updated its Safer Return to Training and Safer Return to Play Protocols in accordance with the new Government guidelines announced earlier this week

These can be viewed here:

The main changes to the above protocols are the actions to take around a suspected COVID-19 case and the definition of what close contact is.

Spectators are now permitted to attend games but strictly in line with the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021 – Plan for Living with COVID-19 policy document.

Thursday 27th August 2020

Please see below the approved match attendance form that has been created to help leagues inform clubs of who can attend matches since the latest set of guidelines were introduced last week. These include:

  • No spectators are permitted at any match under the jurisdiction of the FAI.
  • Only those essential to a fixture may attend, this attendance form covers all essential to a fixture.
  • Both clubs can then hold on to this form for contract tracing purposes but a copy of the form be emailed to the CBL’s Honorary Secretary to [email protected] when there has been a risk outlined.

➡️ CBL COVID-19 Attendance Form  ⬅️

It is imperative that clubs adhere to FAI & HSE guidelines and by using this attendance sheet it guides clubs as to who can attend fixtures on matchdays, so it is advised to adopt this approach.

Contact Numbers

  • Contact numbers will be needed for contact tracing by the Home & Away teams.
  • The Contact Number section does not have to be forwarded to the league when returning the sheet but at the same time everyone who would be attending fixtures as essential persons, their contact number would already be in Leagues databases whether it be on the FAI Net, Referee Contact Number List or Contact Number for the essential role that they hold.
  • The only persons who would not be on record would be management & media/streaming companies.


  • Essential has been imputed so that if the person in the said role wishes to attend the game they are entitled to, they are not compelled to attend the game.
  • It would not be good practice if any one of these club officers were to attend a game and not be granted entry.

Saturday 22nd August 2020

As part of the new government guidelines, the FAI has outlined has updated their Safer Return to Matches and Safer Return to Training protocols. These updates are as follows:

  • No spectators are permitted to any match under the jurisdiction of the FAI.
  • Only those essential to a fixture may attend a match. In addition to players, coaches, match officials and the home team’s COVID-19 compliance officer, the following essential personnel can include:
    • Medical support
    • Grounds maintenance staff
    • Club children’s officer
    • Club liaison officer/representative of each team
    • FAI representative
    • League representative/tournament organiser
    • Accredited media
  • More than one team can train at a venue at any given time provided there is a clear buffer zone between each group.
  • The maximum number per group at adult training is 15 (14 players and a minimum 1 coach.)
  • For further details please see the updated protocols in full here:

Tuesday 18th August 2020

The Football Association of Ireland notes the Government announcement today of new restrictions on indoor and outdoor events as the country continues the fight against COVID-19 and we acknowledge the part that our sport can play in this ongoing battle.

The FAI informs all affiliates of the following directives, effective from midnight tonight until further notice:

  • Adult Amateur Football  will continue, subject to updated Government and FAI guidelines
  • No spectators are permitted at any match under the jurisdiction of the FAI
  • Only those essential to a fixture may attend as per updated Protocols to be released by the FAI on Wednesday.
  • Outdoor training is permitted in groups of up to 15 maximum under the new Government guidelines
    • More than one training session can take part at a venue provided the training pods are no larger than 15
    • Adult training groups must include one coach and up to 14 players
  • Indoor club meetings must adhere to the new Government guideline of a maximum of six people in attendance

The Football Association of Ireland wishes to acknowledge the hard work to date of all players, coaches, match officials, club officials, volunteers, parents and guardians and their dedication to our Protocols in ensuring the safer return to football.

The FAI urges all members to remain aware of their personal responsibility to abide by Government guidelines during this COVID-19 pandemic. We again thank all frontline workers for their efforts and commitment during this difficult time.

The FAI will remain in discussion with Government agencies in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Full Statement can be viewed here

Saturday 15th August 2020

The Football Association of Ireland is inviting affiliated clubs to complete Expression of Interest forms for the recently announced Government funding to be made available to sports clubs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information and to express your interest click here.

Monday 10th August 2020

FAI Press Release | Restrictions on movement in Kildare, Laois and Offaly

The FAI immediately suspended all football activity in counties Kildare, Offaly and Laois following last Friday’s announcement by An Taoiseach Micheal Martin introducing local restrictions in those counties during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Following a number of requests for further clarification from clubs, the FAI would like to confirm the following:

  • This suspension includes ALL matches and ALL organised training in counties Kildare, Offaly and Laois until further notice
  • Only players with SSE Airtricity League and Women’s National League adult teams are allowed to travel outside their homes in Kildare, Offaly or Laois for training or matches
  • All underage players resident in counties Kildare, Offaly or Laois are not permitted to travel to training or matches with clubs or programmes outside their home county
  • The FAI has called off all INTERSPORT Elverys Summer Soccer Schools in the affected counties for the next two weeks

In addition, the FAI again confirms that anyone arriving into Ireland from a country outside the government’s Green List must restrict their movements for 14 days before taking part in any football activities.

Tuesday 28th July 2020

Please see below the FAI’s Safer Return To Play FAQ document

Friday 24th July 2020

The below guidance from the FAI is intended to offer the required support to Leagues and Match Officials, should the issue arise that a home team does not have a COVID-19 Compliance Officer in attendance at a fixture.

  • Q: What steps should be taken if a COVID-19 Compliance Officer is not present at a fixture
  • A: If the Match Official feels that they, the players, or coaching staff are at risk in proceeding with the fixture, they are not compelled to officiate the fixture. Otherwise, the Match Official should proceed with the fixture and report the matter to the League thereafter. The League can then address the matter directly with the club in question.

In support of the above, and in addressing non-compliance with the appointment and attendance of a COVID-19 Compliance Officer at a fixture, Affiliates and Leagues are referred to FAI Rule 28.3, Part D which states:

  • The right is reserved to impose certain sanctions for safety reasons, even if no infringement has been committed.

Leagues are also referred to FAI Rule 32.2, Part D:

  • The following sanctions are applicable only to legal persons:
    • a) transfer ban;
    • b) playing a match without spectators;
    • c) playing a match on neutral territory;
    • d) ban on playing in a particular stadium;
    • e) annulment of the result of a match;
    • f) exclusion;
    • g) forfeit;
    • h) deduction of points;
    • i) demotion to a lower division;
    • j) suspension from membership of the FAI;
    • k) replaying a match.

Thursday 16th July 2020

Please see below the most recent protocols released by the FAI.

Thursday 25th June

The Football Association of Ireland has launched a Safer Return to Play Protocol

Important information for adult amateur & underage football to return to full-contact training & training games can be found here:

Wednesday 24th June

Friday 19th June

The Football Association of Ireland has today approved a new Safer Return to Football Pathway that will see Adult Amateur and Underage football permitted to return to full-contact training, including training games between teams from the same club, from June 29th and authorised to make a full return to playing friendly games from July 11th and competitive matches from July 18th. Full press release can be found here.
The CBL is currently reviewing this information and will advise further on when we can begin our 2020 / 2021 season. Also, we will be scheduling our AGM to take place between now and August.

Friday 19th June

Today, the government confirmed that all sport can return on 29th June, including competitive league action. However, the CBL will await further communication from the FAI on when we can start our 2020 / 2021 season. Read more on the government announcement here .

Monday 15th June 2020

All clubs under the jurisdiction of the FAI can make a Safer Return to Training from today, June 15th, in line with the FAI’s Protocol and Government guidelines.

To help clubs get back to training, FAI Medical Director Dr Alan Byrne addresses your FAQs on FAI TV.

Saturday 13th June 2020

The FAI have published a SMART checklist for all stakeholders in football to ensure training returns safely.

This includes:
– Clubs
– Compliance Officers
– Coaches
– Adult Players

See graphics below.

Friday 12th June

Safety First on Return to Training | Top Tips

All you need to know to prepare for a safe return to training with expert advice, detailed guidelines and recommended coaching practices. Read more here: FAI Safe Return To Training Coaching

Monday 8th June 2020

  • The Football Association of Ireland has today launched a “Safer Return to Training Protocol” document for all adult amateur clubs, ahead of a return to training from Monday, June 15th 2020.
  • The primary aim of the protocol is to support clubs affiliated with the FAI in protecting the health and safety of the players, coaches and essential personnel within the clubs as they return to the training ground. Department of Health guidelines and Public Health Policy will be followed at all times.
  • Today’s protocol publication provides a thorough and comprehensive step-by-step explanation to the pathway that permits all adult amateur clubs, to return to training on or after next Monday, June 15th 2020.
  • All clubs must appoint a COVID-19 Compliance Officer and carry out a risk assessment before any return is authorised.

Note: Subject to Government guidelines, no matches, competitive or friendly, are allowed until further notice under the jurisdiction of the FAI.

Please download, read and submit the following documents made available today:

All queries should be directed to [email protected] but CBL secretary Peter Travers will assist where necessary.

Friday 5th June 2020

FAI welcomes new Government measures on return for Irish sport

Tuesday 26th May 2020

Thanks, to FansVoiceTV for having our secretary Peter Travers on the show to discuss the decision to cancel the 2019 / 2020 season!
The show consisted of input from the other leagues in Cork too – Munster Senior League, the AUL, West Cork League, Cork Youth League, Cork Schoolboys League and Cork Women’s Soccer.

Sunday 24th May 2020

Today, Sunday 24th May 2020, the Cork Business League & CR Coaching announce a new partnership for the 2020 / 2021 season. Read more here.

Sunday 24th May 2020

Following a Management Committee meeting this evening, the Cork Business League can confirm the 2019 / 2020 season will not be completed. Read more here.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

The Cork Business League 2020 AGM that was due to the held at the end of May / beginning of June 2020, has now been postponed. Read more here.

Monday 18th May 2020

FAQ with FAI Medical Director Dr. Alan Byrne – Pathway for a safer return to Football

Friday 15th May 2020

FAI announce pathway for a safer return to football. Read more here.

Interested in joining the Cork Business League next season? Click here for more details or email [email protected]

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