The Cork Business League is an adult male junior soccer league which currently operates in the Autumn – Spring football season. Founded in 1952, still affectionately referred to as the ‘shipping league’, has provided junior football for teams representing their places of work for over half a century and this year it is celebrating its 65th anniversary of its affiliation to the Munster Football Association as a fully-fledged Junior League.

The foundations of the present League were laid way back in the late 40’s when a number of companies engaged in trading through the Port of Cork (hence the use of shipping in the title) organised a knock-out competition to run between February and April. Like the present day Inter-House league, they were allowed dual registration by the MFA.

The League was granted full junior status in the 1952-53 season. Eight teams competed in the first league championship which was won by Cork Harbour Commissioners. The League trophy donated by Cork Steam Packet Company is still in use today, most recently won by Doolans Cow Bar FC during the 2018 / 2019 season.

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    From humble beginnings the league has grown and in its modern form had it’s highest numbers of thirty teams and three divisions over the last 2 decades. A total of eight trophies are competed for each year. While in the early days the membership of the league was dominated by shipping companies and traditional industries, such as Ford’s, Denny’s and Dunlop’s, today teams representing the computer and pharmaceutical companies are more common: Dell EMC, Voxpro. In fact the change in the membership down through the decades has reflected the broad trends in the economic life of the Cork region. Over the years as company’s prominence waned their team’s departure from the league often predicted the eventual fate of the company in Cork.

    The Cork Business League logo, introduced in 2019 and designed by On The Ball Media. The Cork-red coloured emblem pays homage to the tradition of the league with the older style football and establishment date. It features the powerful skyline of Cork City.

    A Brief History!

    Founded as the "Shipping League"
    First Champions
    League kicks off on October 27, 1952 and Cork Harbour Commissioners win first title.
    Pope Pius RIP
    Guest players are allowed. Fixtures are cancelled in October due to the death of Pope Pius XII
    One becomes two
    The First Division is added!
    Mick Mooney retires
    Peter Harrington is elected Secretary following Mick Mooney's retirement after 32 years.
    Amalgamation & a treble
    Clubs are allowed to amalgamate for the first time. The Cork Examiner win the treble of league, cup and shield. There are record gate receipts for the cup final between Examiner and Roches Stores.
    Name change!
    There is a name change from the Cork Shipping League to the Cork Business & Shipping League.
    Mick Mooney RIP
    Mick Mooney dies and the cup is re-named in his honour.
    New website and branding
    A new logo along with new website for the league launches in April 2019.

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