Honours List Winners

Year Premier Division First Division Mick Mooney Cup CBSL Shield Jackie O’Driscoll Cup Frank Lenihan Cup Second Division Second Division Cup
2023/24 Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Swyft Energy
2022/23 Doolan’s Cow Andy Sulls Hair Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Andy Sulls Hair
2021/22 Doolan’s Cow Brew Boys Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Jay Bazz Barbers
2020/21 Not finished Not finished Not played Doolan’s Cow Not played Not played
2019/20 Not finished Not finished Not finished Not finished Not played Not played
2018/19 Doolan’s Cow SCS Crookstown Utd Quinlan’s Bar Satellite Taxis Quinlan’s Bar SCS Crookstown Utd
2017/18 UCC United FC Alphasud FC Satellite Taxis Satellite Taxis Doolan’s Cow Alphasud FC
2016/17 Doolan’s Cow Quinlan’s Bar Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow Doolan’s Cow 20/20 Glazing
2015/16 Doolan’s Cow Satellite Taxis Doolan’s Cow MiDaza Rebels Cork Eagles Satellite Taxis
2014/15 MiDaza Rebels Aesseal FC Tanner Celtic Abtran UCC United Tanner Celtic
2013/14 EMC Lakelands Celtic Abtran Lakelands Celtic Marlboro Trust Lakelands Celtic
2012/13 Marlboro Trust UCC United EMC Marlboro Trust EMC Cork Eagles O’Neill Electrical O’Neill Electrical
2011/12 Tile King Healy O’Connor Solicitors Anglers Sports Lounge MyCork Polish Association Marlboro Trust MyCork Polish Association Fox & Hounds FC Fox & Hounds FC
2010/11 Tile King Deady Security Marlboro Trust Tile King Marlboro Trust QC Data
2009/10 Marlboro Trust Cashs Export Marlboro Trust Marlboro Trust Deady Security Kilcully Decking
2008/09 EMC Bru Centra Bru Centra RPH Island Tavern LC Services
2007/08 Marlboro Trust Supervalu Novartis Mulligans City Bars Freescale
2006/07 MCM RPH EMC Cork Airport Cork Airport LC Services
2005/06 McSweeneys Cork Hygiene McSweeneys S Transport MCM City Bars Silversprings Spring Grove
2004/05 MCM Tile King McSweeneys Postal Workers Postal Workers City Bars Rochestown Park Hotel Rochestown Park Hotel
2003/04 MCM Novartis MCM Roches Stores Naval Services O’Keeffe Installations Pfizers United Motorola
2002/03 Naval Services Springrove Roches Stores Naval Services Cork Airport EMC Celtic
2001/02 Postal Workers Supervalu Cork Plastics Cork Plastics Cork Airport EMC Celtic Pfizers United Pfizers United
2000/01 Cork Plastics EMC Garda Athletic Cork Plastics Cork Plastics EMC Celtic Collins Barracks Collins Barracks
1999/00 Garda Athletic Cork Plastics Roches Stores Garda Athletic Garda Athletic EMC Celtic Old Mill MCM
1998/99 Naval Services Garda Athletic Cara Partners Cara Partners Naval Services Motorola Cork Plastics McSweeneys
1997/98 Craig Gardners Roches Stores AIB Postal Workers Cara Partners CSO Celtic Pfizers McSweeneys
1996/97 ESB Cara Partners Naval Services Aer Lingus ESB Cara Partners O’Driscolls Gaeleo
1995/96 Smurfits Garda Utd Roches Stores Postal Workers Aer Lingus Garda Utd EMC EMC
1994/95 AIB Smurfits Postal Workers Garda CIE Athletic Naval Services Postal United EMC
1993/94 Aer Lingus Apple Computers Liebert Aer Lingus Aer Lingus Apple Computers County Council Gaeleo
1992/93 Youghal Yarns AIB Youghal Yarns Youghal Yarns Youghal Yarns Roches Stores Apple Computers Apple Computers
1991/92 Cork Examiner ESB Cork Examiner Centra Centra ESB Ferrero Postal United
1990/91 Cork Examiner Centra Cork Examiner Cork Examiner Postal Workers ESB CIE United Apple Computers
1989/90 CIE Athletic Garda Athletic Liebert Aer Lingus Pfizers Garda Athletic Centra Ridge Tools
1988/89 Postal Workers True Temper OLH Utd Liebert Postal Workers Dosco Naval Services
1987/88 Postal Workers Liebert Postal Workers Postal Workers Aer Lingus Cara Partners Cara Partners
1986/87 Postal Workers Youghal Yarns OLH Utd Postal Workers Roches Stores True Temper
1985/86 Postal Workers Byrnes Cork Examiner Postal Workers Roches Stores Modcomp
1984/85 Aer Lingus Garda Athletic AIB Penn Chemicals Postal Workers Pfizers
1983/84 Postal Workers OLH Utd Postal Workers OLH Utd Postal Workers County Council
1982/83 Postal Workers Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Postal Workers Postal Workers Postal United
1981/82 Postal Workers AIB Youghal Yarns OLH Utd AIB OLH
1980/81 Postal Workers Byrnes Cork Examiner CIE Athletic Youghal Yarns W.F. Rational
1979/80 Postal Workers True Temper Postal Workers CIE Athletic CIE Athletic Byrnes
1978/79 Postal Workers Pfizers Utd Fords Fords CIE Athletic
1977/78 Youghal Yarns SHB Fords Postal Workers True Temper
1976/77 Postal Workers Youghal Yarns B Youghal Yarns Youghal Yarns SHB
1975/76 Lunhams Aer Lingus Postal Workers Youghal Yarns Lunhams
1974/75 Fords Sunbeam Postal Workers Postal Workers
1973/74 Youghal Yarns Youghal Yarns Olympic
1972/73 Postal Workers Fords Youghal Yarns
1971/72 Kincora Doyles CIE Athletic
1970/71 Irish Steel CIE Athletic Lunhams
1969/70 Doyles CIE Athletic Fords
1968/69 CIE Athletic CIE Athletic CIE Athletic
1967/68 Fords CIE Athletic Denny’s
1966/67 Dunlops Denny’s CIE Athletic
1965/66 Denny’s CIE Athletic Dunlops
1964/65 CIE Athletic Steampacket CIE Athletic
1963/64 Fords Denny’s Fords
1962/63 Fords Fords Evergreen Bacon
1961/62 Lunhams Lunhams Grain Silos
1960/61 Grain Silos Murphy’s Brewery Guys
1959/60 Guys Postal Workers Lunhams
1958/59 Lunhams Postal Workers Lunhams
1957/58 Steampacket Unplayed Steampacket
1956/57 Postal Workers Harbour Comm.
1955/56 Harbour Comm. Lunhams
1954/55 Fords Fords
1953/54 Port Workers Dwyers
1952/53 Harbour Comm.