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League Details

  • Matches are (apart from some evening games in April / May) played on Saturdays 2.30pm (mostly) and Sundays 10.45 or 2.00pm. Teams are broadly workplace based, with additional players recruited on a random basis from outside the firm/company.
  • Clubs are encouraged to secure their own home ground. Teams without their own ground have had the option, last season, of hiring a pitch at the Mayfield Utd complex who facilitate the League.
  • The annual team registration fee is €170 plus €30 bond to cover player/club fines plus €10 for EACH PLAYER registered. Fines are applied for club and individual player indiscipline (€30 minimum) along, of course, with suspensions.
  • Referee costs PER GAME are currently €55 (Premier Division) and €48 (First Division and other competitions).

Some rules!

  • Registered players can play only in this League i.e. CBL players cannot play in any other league (AUL, Munster Senior League (Snr, Junior or over 35s), West Cork League or other) while registered in this league.
  • Prospective clubs should note that CBSL cannot canvas for/accept new teams in the geographical area of another league -similarly, CBSL will not accept existing teams seeking to move leagues from a different geographical area unless agreed by the leaving Leagues committee.

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