Over the course of the season we have been working behind the scenes on our website, and tweaking items and pages that can be viewed by the public. One project that we are currently working on is developing a page for all our current clubs that take part in the CBL Premier Division & First Division. Today, we can announce that this project is underway and we have made great strides recently.

Within each page for every club in our league, there are details of Home Venue, Home Colours along with a link to their social media page. We have also added a squad list of all players who are currently playing in the league who have chipped in with a goal or two across all competitions. Yellow Cards are also published to give further clarity on discipline. During the next few weeks and months, we will be continuously updating the site, to include results and fixtures on each team page. We are asking for feedback, be it good or bad. If we don’t know, then we cannot fix or improve things. If you would like to get in touch, either DM us on Twitter here or message us on Facebook here. Enjoy!

Sports Gear Direct Cork Business League Premier Division:

โžก๏ธCork County Council Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธDoolans Cow Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธHealy O’Connor Solicitors Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธMarlboro Trust Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธO’Brien Scaffolding Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธSatellite Taxis Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธSouth Coast Sales Crookstown United Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธUCC United Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

Sports Gear Direct Cork Business League First Division:

โžก๏ธAbtran Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธCork Hospitals Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธColso Celtic Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธCPL Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธDell EMC Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธJanssen Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธMartin Harvey Solicitors Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธPepsiCo Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธPlanet Cork Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธVoxpro Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ

โžก๏ธThe Weigh Inn Dripsey Club Pageโฌ…๏ธ