Dates Confirmed for various FAI & MFA Cup Competitions

Dates for the various Football Association of Ireland and Munster Football Association Cup Competitions have been confirmed that the Cork Business League has involvement in.


FAI Junior Cup Munster Junior Cup Munster League Champions Trophy
Preliminary Round N/A 21st / 22nd Sept N/A
1st Round 14th / 15th Sept 12th / 13th Oct 5th / 6th Oct
2nd Round 28th / 29th Sept 16th / 17th Nov N/A
3rd Round 19th / 20th Oct 7th / 8th Dec 2019 N/A
4th Round 9th / 10th Nov 25th / 26th Jan 2020 N/A
5th Round 30th Nov / 1st Dec 2019 15th / 16th Feb N/A
6th Round 11th / 12th Jan 2020 N/A N/A
7th Round 1st / 2nd Feb N/A N/A
Quarter Finals March 7th / 8th March 2nd / 3rd Nov
Semi Finals April 18th / 19th Apr Feb / Mar
Final May 16th / 17th May April



Registration for the FAI Junior Cup and Munster Junior Cup is still open, details can be found here