CBL Disciplinary Meetings

Cork Business League Disciplinary meetings will take place fortnightly in Turners Cross Stadium commencing at 7pm on the dates below during the 2023 / 2024 season. In exceptional circumstances, Disciplinary meetings may be held outside of these dates. Only those notified by the CBL need attend.

All players sent off must serve their AUTOMATIC 1 (One) MATCH BAN in the following game at the same grade, regardless of communication confirming this from the CBL.

Clubs are entitled to see the Referee’s Report of Red Card and can only be obtained once requested via email to [email protected]. Requests are not accepted over text or whatsapp.

CBL Disciplinary Meeting Dates 2023 / 2024
Tuesday 19-Sept-23
Tuesday 03-Oct-23
Tuesday 17-Oct-23
Tuesday 31-Oct-23
Tuesday 14-Nov-23
Tuesday 28-Nov-23
Tuesday 12-Dec-23
Tuesday 19-Dec-23
Tuesday 9th Jan-24
Tuesday 23-Jan-24
Tuesday 06-Feb-24
Tuesday 20-Feb-24
Tuesday 05-Mar-24
Tuesday 19-Mar-24
Tuesday 02-Apr-24
Tuesday 16-Apr-24
Tuesday 30-Apr-24
Tuesday 14-May-24
Tuesday 28-May-24
Tuesday 11-Jun-24

Cork Business League Regulations Effective 15th June 2023

Cork Business League Club Handbook 2023 / 2024