Window for Player Registrations to CBL Competitions Closes Sunday 31st March 2024

The deadline for registering Players to CBL Competitions on FAI Connect is tomorrow, Sunday 31st March 2024.

Remember: A player that has never been registered with any club on FAI Connect may register for a club at any time. However, in the event that a player has his or her registration with a club terminated outside of a re-registration period below, that player shall not be permitted to be registered with a different club until the next re-registration period.

Registration TypeDate
Player First Registration on FAI Connect WindowAll year round
Player Re-Registration with a New Club Window 11st July – 23rd September
Player Re-Registration with a New Club Window 21st January – 28th January
Competition Registration Window1st July – 31st March

A Club may sign an emergency goalkeeper after the 31st March and up to the 1st May each year. The emergency goalkeeper cannot have been signed to any other Club in the current season and can only play as a goalkeeper. Medical evidence must be provided to show the original goalkeeper is injured.

If a club disbands during the Season the Player Registrations shall come under the direction ofthe Football Association of Ireland. The Players may be allowed, at the discretion of the Football Association of Ireland to register with other clubs. The deadline for such registrations is the 31st March also.