FAI Referee Fees & Expenses Agreement 2022-2024

Below are the new Referee Fees for 2022-2024 with CBL breakdown. The total fee is to be paid before the game where practical.

CBL Division (Adult Amateur Junior Level)
Match Fee
Top Division Fee*
Urban Travel Allowance (UTA)
Total Fee
CBL Premier Division (Top Division) €36 €8 €18 €62
CBL First Division €36 €0 €18 €54
All CBL Domestic Cup Competitions €36 €0 €18 €54


*Top Division Fee:
The Top Division Fee of €8 shall be payable for the top division in a Junior league, where there is more than one division (i.e. the CBL)

Pitch Inspections

The following flat fees shall apply for pitch inspections carried out at the request of the home club or the competition organiser.

  • Junior: €15 (i.e the CBL)


  • When a referee travels to an appointed game and the game is not played due to ground and/or weather conditions, as determined by the match referee, half match fee, and full expenses to apply and to be paid on the day.
  • Where a referee travels to an appointed game, and only one team turns up, full fees and full expenses to apply upon receipt and acceptance by the relevant governing body of the Match Referees Report.
  • Where a referee travels or is travelling to an appointed game and that game is not played due to it being previously cancelled by the appropriate authority, the relevant governing body shall determine, on receipt of the Match Referees Report, if reasonable efforts were made by the relevant authority to notify the referee. If they find this did not happen, then full fees and full expenses shall apply.
  • Where a decision has been made by a governing body to pay fees post-match to match officials then these shall be paid within 28 days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays).

This agreement was reached through negotiations between the Irish Soccer Referees Society and the FAI Youth and Amateur Committee on behalf of the Football Association of Ireland.The agreement is in place for the period June 1st, 2022, until December 31st, 2024. This agreement will come in force on June 1st, 2022 and operate until December 31st, 2024. It may be extended beyond that date with the agreement of both parties. The increase in match fees shall come into effect June 1st, 2022.

This Agreement is binding on all FAI affiliates, leagues, clubs and referees and any breach should be reported in writing to the FAI Youth & Amateur Committee and the Irish Soccer Referees Society.

Full agreement breakdown and further details can be found here:

FAI Referees Fees & Expenses Agreement 2022-24