Cork Business League Announce Partnership with ASPIRE Nutrition

Today, Monday 5th April 2021, the Cork Business League & ASPIRE Nutrition announce a new partnership that sees ASPIRE Nutrition become the CBL’s first-ever Official Nutrition partner.

Looking after your health & wellbeing is an important factor of our day-to-day lives, and we all need to explore the options that are out there to help us stay fit, healthy and active.

Self-determined forms of motivation may be the first focus for coaches and sport psychology practitioners. Where self-determination is high, enhancing social identification among sport participants could provide extra benefits for mental health. (“Self-Determined Motivation, Social Identification and the Mental Health of Adolescent Male Team Sport Participants”, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 2020.)

By joining up with ASPIRE Nutrition, the CBL understands how crucial it is for us to improve our food intake and to optimise the development of our daily routine when it comes to eating healthy and being aware of what we put into our body.

What is The ASPIRE Method?
The ASPIRE Method is an innovative, evidence-based and sustainable method to manage your nutrition.


Who is The ASPIRE Method for?
Anyone who wants to gain control of their nutrition in order to:
  • Alter their body composition – lose weight, gain muscle/weight or maintain.
  • Optimise their health.
  • Fuel performance and recovery in sport and exercise.
How does The ASPIRE Method work?
You will be provided with individualized daily serving targets and The ASPIRE Method Food Index. This will enable you to choose your foods in the appropriate quantities, from the best quality sources to achieve your goals while optimising your health and performance. You will have access to The ASPIRE Method manual to guide you through implementing The ASPIRE Method effectively. Additionally, you will become a part of The ASPIRE Method Community where you will be supported by like-minded individuals and ASPIRE nutrition.


What is the time commitment?
This is up to you. The ASPIRE Method is a lifestyle approach that we hope will span the duration of your life. The ASPIRE Method is designed for progression. Once you achieve your goal, you may choose to chase another, or maintain your results and focus on your health and performance. We recommend being a member of The ASPIRE Method as long as you are using this unique method.


CBL Secretary Peter Travers had this to say:


“Building on our already existing partners in media, coaching and sportswear, the CBL felt the next in line had to be nutrition. In this day and age, even before we handle the impact of COVID on our bodies and meals, nutrition is something everyone needs to be aware of even if its just the basic knowledge of what not to eat excessively of. I’m actually 8 weeks into a plan with Shane and it couldn’t be any easier and the results are amazing. Getting this partnership in place shows our commitment to player progress not just on the pitch, but also on an individual basis at home and at work.”


Founder of ASPIRE Nutrition, Shane Kingston was delighted to link up with the CBL:


“I am delighted to partner with CBL. This partnership provides ASPIRE Nutrition with the opportunity to work alongside a thriving community of  teams representing Cork employees, businesses and local communities. Managing diet and lifestyle to support performance, recovery and health can be challenging. Doing so while juggling work, family and social life only adds to the complexity. This is where ASPIRE Nutrition can help the members of the CBL,  by providing a solution. Providing a realistic, enjoyable and sustainable approach to nutritional management while achieving an individual’s desired goal(s). I personally love working with individuals who have a desire to optimise performance and recovery in sport and exercise while also enjoying a relatively “normal” and sustainable approach to nutrition. Hence, my slogan, “REAL NUTRITION FOR REAL PEOPLE”. What I offer is an approach to nutritional management for life. Not, a quick fix with a rebound. We will achieve your goals and sustain and/or build upon them.

Interested in joining ASPIRE Nutrition? Email [email protected] and quote “CBL” for full details! We are offering  CBL members a 10% discount on The ASPIRE Method Joining Fee (€180 down from €200). To avail of this discount please email [email protected] quoting “CBL” rather than signing up through the website.

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