FAInet Webinar Invitations

The following details have been sent to all FAInet administrators from the FAInet team in relation to online webinars which aim to go through the full process required to have players registered on FAInet.

The FAInet team has not been able to travel across the country this year for FAInet training due to Covid-19. However, in recent weeks the FAInet team have trialled webinars with a number of leagues, and are now in a position to run a series of 3 Webinars next week for any club or league to log into.

Date Region Registration Link
Monday 7th September 2020  @ 7pm Leinster Sign up here
Tuesday 8th September 2020 @ 7pm Connaught / Ulster Sign up here
Wednesday 9th September 2020 @ 7pm Munster Sign up here

The idea is that you can log into any of the 3 webinars that suit, and each evening the webinar will be tailored towards registering a player to a certain league from that region e.g. DDSL or KDFL for Leinster. The process is the exact same so feel free to attend any of the evenings in case you cannot make the one tailored for your specific region.

To sign up, please click on one of the Eventbrite links above and complete your registration.

The below is an overview of what the webinar will run through.

  1. Introduction to the FAInet System
  2. Overview of FAI Rule Part C Rule 1.2 Eligibility Rule
  3. How to complete the Step 1 Process – Registration of a Brand-New Player (First Issue) & Transfer of a Player (Free Agent/In-season)
  4. How to Check the Applications you have submitted to the League.
  5. How to Create Squads on FAInet for the 2020/21 season.
  6. How to Assign Players to a Squad.
  7. Users will learn how to generate a Batch Registration Form & Filtered form
  8. Users will learn how to upload a Completed Registration form in compliance with FAI Rule Part C Rule 1.2
  9. Users will be given a Q&A Session to cover any additional queries on new functions that are available on FAInet.

Webinar Rules

  1. Input your Name and Club Name as Username when asking a Question. E.g John Doe – Football United FC
  2. Keep questions on topic and related to FAInet specifically
  3. Be respectful of other attendees and those presenting the webinar