2024 CBL Divisional Cups Semi Final Draw Numbers

Tonight, the draws for the CBL Divisional Cup Semi Finals will take place from 7pm in Turners Cross Stadium, while simultanously being broadcast live on the CBL News Room Facebook page

The draw numbers are as follows:

CBL Second Division

  1. Swyft Energy
  2. NetApp
  3. Croatia Fermoy
  4. EvCore Gym v Curry House Hungry Tigers

CBL Frank Linehan First Division

  1. Longboats or Marlboro Trust
  2. South Coast Sales Crookstown United or SURO Cars
  3. VIP Carrigaline Town or O’Brien Scaffolding or FR Valley Rangers
  4. Cork County Council v HELIO Inter Cork

CBL Jackie O’Driscoll Premier Division Cup:

  1. Andy Sulls Hair or Healy O’Connor Solicitors or Jay Bazz
  2. Satellite Taxis or Cork Hospitals
  3. Cheers Bar or UCC United
  4. ARC Rovers or Martin Harvey Solicitors or Doolans Cow Bar